Expand, Engage & Influence Your Listeners With Your Authentic Voice

2 day live intensive, with 8 weeks virtual group training and your own radio show in VOW Radio, for women leaders to be equipped, inspired and empowered to be the voices of their generation


San Diego, CA September 16-17, 2017
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Maui, HI February 17-18, 2018
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New Orleans, LA April 14-15, 2018
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Your 2-Day PLUS Journey to Empowerment

This training is for women who want their voices heard, who want the ultimate exposure for their message and/or service, and who want to be in the forefront of a movement whose aim is to empower women everywhere!

This 2 day, hands-on intensive, is presented in a very small group - only 10 women (it's more like a mastermind setting). That way I have ample time for personal interactions with each woman, with hot seats focusing on you, your business, Q&A and implementing your custom message. The skills and tools you learn will provide a space for you to ask questions, reflect, listen, and learn about your audience, and them about you. As wells as build your confidence and help you to develop valuable communication skills that will empower you in all areas of your life.



In addition, we will spend 4 weeks together before the intensive, in a weekly one hour online class, and 4 weeks after. This gives us one month working together before we meet live, and a month to finalize any details that we have outlined for you during the live event.

The objective is to provide you with a strong, loving community of change-makers, life long connections, and the required training, and "know-how", to give your voice maximum exposure; clarity of your message, your brand, your vocal skills, knowledge of your best equipment, recording and editing, your products and your promotion.



After completion, you will have a featured radio show within the new VOW Radio (Voices of Women), as well as featured in the Women in Podcasting directory and inclusion in the VOW Community with other like-minded women.


All this personally led by me, Jody Colvard, a Producer, Speaker, Author and CEO of the FMG Radio & TV Network (Est. 2004), Women in Podcasting (Est. 2005) and VOW Global (Voices of Women - Est. 2017).

With over 18 years of business successes, I have worked with celebrities such as Chaka Khan; with charity organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Sir Richard Branson; and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.

As one of the first women to teach podcasting in China, create an online radio and TV network, and organize the Women’s Internet Results Experts Development in 2004, I have been on a mission to empower women and elevate their voices.


This is not an event where you are given a few tips and then presented with an upsell to another package.

We spend 2 months and 2 days working on you, your business and your message. After completion, you are part of the VOW (Voices Of Women) Network, with a radio show in VOW Radio, a Podcast in VOW Podcasting, lifetime access to VOW Community, and opportunities to speak or participate in upcoming VOW Events.

Our mission is to unite women from around the world, provide the tools, know-how and platforms to amplify their voices, and elevate the world around us.

We offer a variety of platforms for women to be heard, whether your chosen path is as a podcaster, radio/TV show host, speaker or writer, we are here to teach, empower and lift your voice, creating a wave of female energy, ready and charged to create change.


I would love to have you join us, and add your voice to the front of the line


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  • Your Message

    We work on the clarity of your message. Your message is part of your brand, it is what makes people interested in you and inspires them to enthusiastically share with others.

  • Your Branding

    We work on creating and building your unique brand. Your individual branding separates you from everyone else and creates a desired perception in your audiences mind.

  • Your Voice

    We work on perfecting your vocal skills. Having a strong, confident, well-polished speaking voice, not only helps you in radio, interviewing & speaking. but business too.

  • Your Studio

    We work on recording and editing your show. Before you even get to the 2 day intensive, we will have had 4 weeks together virtually going over your recording equipment.

  • Your Products

    We work on your new product strategy. A systematic process where we focus on applying your message into the development of a new digital product to offer your followers.

  • Your Platform

    We work on your new show page. You will have a featured radio show in VOW Radio, a branded show page, a full year of audio hosting & a featured spot in VOW Podcasting.

Our Upcoming Journeys

Join me for two days in one of these amazing cities. San Diego, to a resort & spa. To Maui, for an unforgettable adventure with sun, beach and a luau. Or, New Orleans, to a plush hotel located in the historic French Quarter.